Sando Striking Tools – The Original Rubber Handle Sledge



We invented the rubber handle handle sledge hammer in 1975 to withstand the rigorous hard rock mining conditions in South Africa. Since then we have expanded our product set into a range of striking tools that have sold in excess of 6 million units worldwide.


The handle is made of a series of high tensile spring steel rods around which is moulded, under a high compression factor, very strong and abrasive-resistant rubber. The hammer heads are also vulcanised to the rubber handle during this moulding operation and are secured to the spring steel rods by a positive locking plate. This results in an extremely durable and ergonomic handle that will not separate from the hammer head: the ultimate in safety and reliability.


Our custom test rig tested the Sando hammers to 36,000 blows without failure before the test was stopped. Wooden handles failed at 200 blows and fibreglass handles at 6,500 blows. So make efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability part of your tool collection with a striking tool that meets the most demanding challenges in the industrial world. The Sando Rubber Handled Hammer – hard hitting power – smoothly and efficiently for over 36,000 strikes.

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